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Software for Quality Management

How about managing your entire company, in a single program? See planning, track progress and discuss work in one place.


More than 200 companies have placed their trust in QMSiTech


Diana Gomes

Undoubtedly an innovation that we needed to apply to our Company. It is undoubtedly the ideal solution when it comes to managing our workflows, always taking Quality for granted!


Joana Teixeira

A fantastic initial impact; A partnership that has become mandatory! QMSiTech is definitely a recommendation!


Osorio Da Silva

I'm relatively new in the business field and luckily my company has been growing: but with a lot of responsibility from QMSiTech! It's my safe haven in Quality Management!

Ideas Inovadoras

With a unique, simple and appealing design

Always aiming to simplify the user experience, we prepare the best experience, in a more recognizable and unique way.

A fully defined automatic system for you

Simplified and with the greatest intention of serving those who use it. Specially designed for your needs with full openness to all platforms.


Obeying all the needs of your company

Everything you are looking for to gain access to your company's quality management. On any device and within all your needs.


Constantly updated with a focus on your new needs

Essential updates are always focused on what your company needs. Updates present and automatically transmitted from our channels.

Accessible anywhere, on any device, on any operating system

With access in any browser, through a mobile app or through a fixed installation on your computer, QMSiTech is set to travel the world and take your entire company with you in just one click.


Communicating in an innovative and unique way

Directly and in a simplified way, with a focus on simplicity of form and a constant presence in its customers.

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Product of the Year

by Ambidata

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